Board Meeting Dates/Agendas and Minutes

"Freedom within a framework with due respect for the dignity of the individual and the rights of others. The District is primarily interested in a continuous program of evaluating a student's needs, interests, attitudes, and abilities; and in providing the areas of learning through selective books, instructional aids, technology, and direct experiences which parallel a student's growth. The District education program will stress those values basic to creating a desire and capacity within the student to become an acceptable and worthy member of a society of free individuals." -Board of Education Charter


Board of Education Members

Scott Slocum President

Eric Muehlhauser Board Member

Timothy M. Sowecke Vice president   

John J. Caporini  Board Member

Donna Green  Board Member

Board of Education Meeting Dates   

712 CLEVELAND RD. E., HURON, OHIO 44839 AT 6:00 PM. 


Next Meeting(s):


APRIL 15, 2014

MAY 20, 2014

JUNE 17, 2014

JULY 15, 2014

AUGUST 19, 2014

SEPTEMBER 16, 2014

OCTOBER 21, 2014

NOVEMBER 18, 2014

DECEMBER 16, 2014



Meetings are normally held in the Board of Education Conference Room at 712 Cleveland Road East unless otherwise stated. However, due to a mold remediation project Board Meetings will be held in the Shawnee Primary School Reading Room. This is attached to the Board Offices and may be entered via the Board Office entry or the Shawnee Primary entry.       


Regular Meetings are usually scheduled the Third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM except for January   


Note- Agendas are subject to change and are updated as soon as changes become known




February 14 2014 Regular Meeting

March 25th 2014 Regular Meeting

April 15th 2014 Regular Meeting








Board Meeting Protocol and Procedures   

Agendas for future meetings are subject to change and addendum prior to the actual Board of Education Meeting. Documents referenced in the Agenda are available at the Board of Education Office. These Board of Education Agendas are in Adobe PDF Format. If you are unable to open the documents, please visit the Adobe Website and download the free Adobe Reader program.


Open Records Policy. Link to Ohio AG Open Records Laws

Document Retention Schedule Link to Ohio Attorney General Sunshine Laws

Board of Education Minutes 2014

Organizational Meeting 1 14 14  DRAFT

Regular Meeting 1 14 14 DRAFT

Special Meeting February 11 2014 DRAFT

March 25th 2014 DRAFT



Organizational Meeting 1 8 13   

Regular Meeting January 8 2013

Regular Meeting February 18, 2013

Special Meeting March 16 2013  

Special Meeting March 19 2013

Regular Meeting March 19 2013

Special Meeting March 23 2013

April 2 2013 Special Meeting  

April 10 2013 Special Meeting

April 16 2013 Regular Meeting

April 22 2013 Special Meeting   

May 21 2013 Regular Meeting

May 29, 2013 Special Meeting

June 11 2013 Special Meeting

June 15 2013 Special Meeting

June 13, 2013 Special Meeting

June 18 2013 Regular Meeting

July 1 2013 Special Meeting

 July 8 2013 Special MeetiJng

June 27 2013 Special Meeting

August 6, 2013 Special Education Grant Fund Hearing

August 6 2013 Regular Meeting Minutes DRAFT

August 14 2013 Special Meeting

September 4 2013 Special Meeting   

September 17 2013 Regular Meeting   

October 15 2013  Regular Meeting

November 19 2013 Regular Meeting

December 14 2013 Special Meeting Work Session DRAFT

Decemebr 17 2013 Tax Budget Hearing DRAFT

December 17 2013 Regular Meeting


Previous years minutes are contained in archives. SEE PARAGRAPH BELOW ON HOW TO ACCESS


Archives Available Online All Board of Education Minutes dating as far back as 1932 (note current and previous years can be accessed by clicking on dates above this message) are now available online via this web site.

Simply Click on the link:


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Both the password and username is: public Username: public Password: public Database: HCS


You may search by date, date range or type ( types are: Regular,Special,Attachments,Organizational, Tax Budget Hearing)


However the most interesting feature is the OCR Search Feature. That feature allows you to enter any piece of information, like a last name, and it will search all minutes and then list any Board Minutes where that name appears.  


These Board of Education Summaries are in Adobe PDF Format. If you are unable to open the documents, please visit the Adobe Website and download the free Adobe Reader program.   


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