Huron City Schools Administrator Twitter Accounts

We encourage everyone to follow our district administrators on Twitter to stay up to date and current with all events and activities associated with Huron City Schools.

Jennifer Bengele, Huron High Asst. Principal, @jbengele

Steve Camella, District Athletic Director, @huron_athletics

Chad Carter, McCormick Principal, @MJHS44839

Holly Charville, Director of Special Education, @HuronCharville

Mark Doughty, Woodlands Principal, @woodlandsprin

Dawn Jacobs, Treasurer, @hurontreasurer

Brian Kucbel, Shawnee Principal, @shawnee_elementary

Tim Lamb, Huron High Principal, @PrincipalLamb

Dennis Muratori, Superintendent, @huronsuper

Chris Standring, Curriculum Director, @HHCurriculum

Sue Whitaker, Director of Food Service @TigersLunchLady

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