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“Momo Challenge” Posing Potential Risk to Children and Young Adults

The purpose of this message is to provide situational awareness to parents and community members regarding the “Momo Challenge.” This social media phenomenon has the potential to pose a serious risk to children and young adults that utilize social media applications such as WhatsApp or YouTube for communication or entertainment purposes. The “Momo Challenge” is a multi-step challenge in which children are meant to contact a stranger on-line, concealed as the character “Momo.” The stranger encourages the player to perform various tasks, including harming themselves or others. 

The phenomenon originated in Mexico, but gained increased notoriety in the United Kingdom during the summer of 2018. While its popularity began to diminish toward the end of 2018, in recent days’ authorities began to notice a resurgence in the games presence. 

Experts recommend parents continue monitoring their children’s social media contacts and activity. The Ohio Homeland Security is aware of the “Momo Challenge” and continues to monitor the situation. 

Feel free to contact superintendent Dennis Muratori at 419-433-1234 ext. 5000 with any questions. 

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